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About Haley

Haley (Hal-lee) is a devoted musician, yogi, and teacher. She began taking piano lessons at age six, and soon after began composing, singing, recording, and performing. As a teenager, she volunteered as an accompanist at her local temple and assisted living home, and worked with children through babysitting, volunteering at elementary school aftercares, and teaching music lessons. She then found yoga in college to help cope with stress and illness, and has been practicing regularly since.


Studying Music Business at New York University led Haley to work at recording studios, record labels, and music publishers. This gave her indispensable knowledge about what it takes to be a successful musician in the music industry. Haley has always known that her purpose is to help musicians flourish. 

Fully realizing her passion for teaching, Haley attended Teachers College at Columbia University and graduated with a Master of the Arts in Music Education. She learned to teach music to students in pre-k-12th grade with a foundation in fostering an engaging, student-centered, and inclusive learning environment. Her studies focused on incorporating mindfulness techniques into the music classroom and performance hall.

Haley is also a Certified Children’s Yoga Instructor through Kidding Around Yoga. Her kids yoga classes use music, dramatic play, and fun games/activities to make meditation, mindfulness, and yoga accessible to even the youngest of children. She also applies these tools to teaching music lessons to foster positive musical experiences and teach students to be intelligent observers of their playing, rather than harsh judges. These techniques are not just reserved for the practice room or yoga mat, and she hopes her students will apply these techniques to their daily lives.

In addition to teaching Kids Yoga, Haley loves to teach Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep meditation), Vinyasa Flow, Sculpt, and Restorative Yoga.

When not teaching or practicing, Haley can be found outside, reading, writing, or crafting. 

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