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Student Contract for In-Home Lessons for the 2023-2024 School Year

Teacher Responsibilities:

  • Teacher will provide Students with personalized weekly music lessons.

  • Teacher will offer at least 2 recital opportunities per year.

  • Teacher will do their best to be on time for lessons in your home, but please allow for a 15-minute grace period for uncontrollable circumstances.

• Teacher will not schedule lessons with Student outside of ThePurplePiano.

Student/Parent Responsibilities:

  • Students will treat the Teacher and their belongings with respect.

  • Practice! Students should ideally practice at least 5 days of the week.

◦ For younger students, parental involvement is crucial. Parents should provide practice support and encouragement! It may take time and strategy to form positive practice habits.

• Parents provide the instrument (88 weighted keys) and instrument accessories (pedal, suitable bench, footstool, sheet music/lesson books, and supplementary workbooks).

• Parent and/or Student will register with My Music Staff to keep track of scheduling and payments.


• Tuition rates are based on 40 lessons per year, paid monthly across 12 equal payments.

  • With this Tuition model, Students remain enrolled for the entire year to retain their spot in the studio.

  • There will be 45 weeks of the year during which lessons are available, along with 2 Recitals, 3 Piano Parties, and 2 Makeups per semester.

- This means Students can miss many lessons over the course of the year, but attend the additional learning opportunities/schedule makeups, and not lose out on Tuition.

- Alternatively, Students may take all 45 weeks of lessons, and also attend recitals and piano parties, at no additional cost.

Monthly tuition is due by the 15th of the month for the upcoming month.

• Ex. – Tuition for October 15-November 14 is due by October 15.

Tuition payments will be debited on the 15th of the month via Automatic Payments made through My Music Staff (ACH or Credit Card).

  • Late payments will incur a $25 fee for each week they are past due.

  • No form of payment should be given to the Teacher. All payments go through Haley and ThePurplePiano.

    Tuition Rates

30-minute lessons $180/month

45-minute lessons $250/month

60-minute lessons $300/month

• There are no sibling discounts, as each Student receives individual attention, preparation, and materials.

Any type of hiatus from lessons- permanent or temporary - requires 2 weeks paid notice

• If a Student takes any unpaid time off from lessons, they do so knowing their spot will not be held.

Important Dates:

  • Unless otherwise agreed upon with your Teacher, there will be no lessons the weeks of:

◦ August 14, November 20, December 25, January 1, March 25, May 27, July 1, August 12

  • Recitals: Fall - Sunday, October 29, 2023 / Spring - Sunday, May 19, 2024

  • Piano Parties: September 10, 2023, January 21, 2024, April 14, 2023


• Tuition reserves your scheduled time-slot only, which you are expected to uphold. This time-slot is viewed as ongoing. Tuition does not reserve any time other than your scheduled time.

• If a Student must miss or cancels their regularly scheduled time slot:

  • A virtual lesson can take place.

  • A recorded or written lesson can be provided.

  • A swap with another student can possibly be arranged.

  • A makeup lesson can be scheduled, with the maximum of 2 makeup credits per semester.

- Semesters are as follows:

- August 15 - December 31, January 8 - May 24, and June 3 - August 14

  • Additional makeup lessons can be scheduled if mutually agreed upon by the Teacher and Student.

  • There will be no makeup lesson for a previously scheduled makeup lesson.

  • There will be no makeup if the Teacher arrives at a Student’s home for their regularly scheduled lesson and the Student is not present.

• If a Student is sick, PLEASE request a virtual lesson or take a sick day. We would hate to spread germs across so many families. This is why we have extra weeks built into tuition and offer makeup opportunities.

• If the Teacher is unable to provide either an in-person or virtual lesson during your scheduled time-slot, a makeup will be arranged and will not count towards the 2 makeup credits per semester. If a makeup cannot be arranged, tuition for that lesson will be credited.

• Due to inclement weather, a virtual lesson will take place in lieu of in-person if the roads are not safe for travel- teaching. There will be no rescheduling an in-person lesson due to inclement weather unless the Teacher has an open slot within normal teaching hours during the same week of the missed lesson, or the Student wishes to use a makeup lesson credit.

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