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Piano Adventures Summer Camp

Unlock the magic of music this summer with Piano Adventures Camp, where budding musicians embark on a journey of melody and rhythm in a fun-filled camp designed with mindfulness and creativity!


What To Expect:

1. Engaging Curriculum: Through interactive lessons tailored for young learners, children will discover the joy of playing music, and learn the basics of the piano, while developing fundamental musical skills in a supportive environment.

2. Creative Exploration: Our camp encourages creativity and expression through music composition, improvisation, and ensemble playing, fostering a well-rounded musical education.

3. Fun Activities: From music games and puzzles to group activities and crafting, every day is filled with excitement and new discoveries, ensuring an unforgettable summer experience. Campers will also have time outdoors to move and play.

4. Inspiring Environment: Set in a vibrant and nurturing atmosphere, our indoor-outdoor camp provides a safe space for children to explore their musical talents, make new friends, and build confidence in their abilities.

Why Choose Piano Adventures Camp?


1. Positive Musical Experiences: ThePurplePiano aims to make learning music stress-free and fun. 


2. Lifelong Skills and Benefits: Learning music offers a wide range of benefits for children. It improves academic performance, enhances motor skills, increases cognitive abilities, boosts creativity, fosters discipline and patience, creates cultural awareness, and provides a healthy outlet for expression.

3. Expert Instruction: Our team of passionate and experienced music educators are dedicated to helping each camper reach their full musical potential in a supportive and encouraging environment.

4. Continued Learning Opportunity: Following camp, you may choose to sign your child up for private piano lessons with ThePurplePiano, so they can continue their musical education in a mindful, holistic, and fun learning style with familiar instructors.


Ages 5-11

Aspiring Musicians / Beginners

(no musical experience required)


Monday - Friday, July 15-19



Louisville Studio / Joe Carnival Park


$250 - includes materials fee for art supplies and sheet music

Jumpstart your child's musical journey with a fun summer music camp!

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