Private Piano Lessons

Why Take Piano Lessons?

  • Listening skills

  • Creativity

  • Reading

  • Self-esteem

  • Lifelong outlet

  • Joy

  • Routine

  • Discipline

  • Organization

  • Neural plasticity

  • Memory

  • Mathematics

  • Linguistics

  • Concentration

  • Patience

  • Motor skills

  • Cultural knowledge

  • Stress-reduction

Who Can Take Lessons?

  • Preschoolers - ages 4+

  • Kids

  • Adults

  • Beginner

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced

  • Residents of Louisville

  • Residents of Lafayette

  • Virtual Lesson-seekers

What Will Students Learn?

  • Musical notation

  • Sight-reading

  • Composition

  • Technique

  • Ear-training

  • Music history

  • Music theory

  • Variety of repertoire

  • Rhythm 

Why Choose Haley?

  • 20+ years piano-playing experience

  • 10+ years teaching experience

  • Well-versed in many styles of music

  • Multi MAMTG Competitor & Winner 

  • B.M. NYU and M.A. TC Columbia

  • Promotes successful student-teacher relationships

  • Develops the mind-body connection

  • Creates effective practice habits

  • Uses games, worksheets, and other fun activities to keep lessons

  • Encourages students to choose unique supplemental repertoire

Ready to Get Started?

  • Send a message through the Contact form

  • Please include your town, desired lesson length, and scheduling availability

 Lesson Policy

Teacher Responsibilities:​

  • I will provide Students with weekly music lessons, which include personalized curriculum for each Student. Games, repertoire, worksheets, activities, study materials, and teaching props are regularly included in lesson plans.

  • I will offer at least one recital opportunity per school year.

  • I do my absolute best to be on time for lessons in your home, but please allow for a 10-minute grace period.

Student Responsibilities:

  • Practice! Ideally students will practice at least 5 days of the week. If practice is difficult, begin with just 1 or 2 days per week, and slowly build up to 5-7.

  • For younger students, parental involvement is crucial. Parents must provide practice support and encouragement!

  • Keep me informed of your lesson goals and practice progress. Allow me to work with you to construct the most successful outcome possible for the student. This might mean choosing a set amount of practice time or materials, initiating a practice incentive or practice chart, fostering a positive practice environment, creating a practice routine or ritual, etc. It might take time to form constructive practice habits.

  • Parents must provide the instrument (88 weighted keys) and instrument accessories (pedal, suitable bench, footstool, sheet music/lesson books, and supplementary workbooks).


  • Monthly tuition is based on 34 lessons across September 6th, 2021 - May 27th, 2022

  • These 34 weeks account for no scheduled lessons during November 22nd-27th, December 20th-January 2nd, and March 21st-26th. These dates are chosen from the BVSD calendar.

  • Monthly tuition remains the same September-May, whether there are 3, 4, or 5 weeks of lessons in the month.

    • Lessons In Your Home:​

      • 30 minute weekly lessons: $155/month​

      • 45 minute weekly lessons: $215/month

      • 60 minute weekly lessons: $255/month

    • Online Lessons:

      • 30 minute weekly lessons: $150/month​

      • 45 minute weekly lessons: $210/month

      • 60 minute weekly lessons: $250/month

    • A-la-Carte Lessons (adults only)

      • 30 minute lessons: $40​/lesson

      • 45 minute lessons: $52/lesson

      • 60 minute lessons: $65/lesson

  • There are no sibling discounts, as each student receives individual attention, preparation, and materials.

Monthly tuition is due on the 15th of the month for the upcoming month. Ex. – Tuition for the month of October is due on September 15th.


  • Tuition is accepted via Check, Cash, Zelle, or CashApp.


  • Option to pay tuition by the semester (September-December, January-May) with check.


  • Tuition covers teaching time during your specific time-slot, as well as a wide variety of additional expenses, including but not limited to: Individualized lesson preparation, travel time, gas, insurance, recitals, continuing education, website, marketing, media, etc. 

  • Tuition does not include books, sheet music, instrument, or instrument accessories.


  • Tuition reserves your scheduled time-slot, and students are expected to uphold this time-slot. This time-slot is viewed as ongoing until the end of the academic year. Tuition does not reserve any amount of time other than your scheduled time.


  • If a student misses/cancels their scheduled time slot:

    • A virtual lesson can take place, ideally at your normal scheduled time

    • A recorded or written lesson can be provided

    • A swap with another student can possibly be arranged

    • Due to scheduling volume, I do not offer makeups or tuition refunds


  • If the Teacher is unable to provide either an in-person or virtual lesson during your scheduled time-slot, a make-up will be arranged.

  • If a student is sick, PLEASE request a virtual lesson. I am in and out of so many homes per week, and would absolutely hate to spread germs across so many families.

  • If it is unsafe to travel due to inclement weather, a virtual lesson will be scheduled in lieu of an in-person lesson.

  • Any type of hiatus - permanent or temporary - from lessons requires 2 weeks paid notice


  • If Students or family members are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 or have come in contact with anyone exhibiting symptoms, please schedule an online lesson.

  • Students and families agree to follow safety precautions, which can include hand washing, sanitizing the piano, wearing masks, no shared materials, and maintaining distance.

  • As regulations and infections fluctuate, ThePurplePiano reserves the right to transition to a 100% online model.


Photo Release:

  • During lessons and performances, the Teacher reserves the right to take video recordings or photographs of the Student for use in lesson demonstration or advertising materials

  • If you would prefer to opt out of the Photo Release, please sign here: ­­__________________________



  • This policy may be amended as needed. Notifications of amendments will be distributed via email or printed copy.


In Short:​


Honor your scheduled time-slot

No makeups

Make awesome music!



I have read, understood, and agreed to the terms of the policy.