Private Piano Lessons

Ages 4 years - Adult

Why play the piano? Learning to play piano helps to create routine, discipline, and organization. It can increase neural plasticity, memory, mathematical/linguistic skills, hand-eye coordination, cultural knowledge, and self-esteem. It provides an outlet and lifelong skill while cultivating joy and reducing stress.

Why learn with Haley? Haley has over 20 years of piano-playing experience and is well-versed in many styles of music. She supplements repertoire with games and activities to teach musicality, theory, and technique. She works to incorporate various mindfulness strategies during music lessons, and has found they can decrease performance anxiety, promote successful student-teacher relationships, create effective and safe practice habits, encourage musical exploration, and increase the mind-body connection both when playing and not playing music.

Lessons can be offered online or in-person with masks. 

If interested or have any questions, send a message through the Contact form. Please include your town, lesson length (30/45/60 min), and available days/times.

Lesson Policies

Teacher Responsibilities:​

  • I will provide Students with weekly music lessons, which include personalized curriculum for each Student. Games, repertoire, worksheets, activities, study materials, and teaching props are regularly included in lesson plans.

  • I will offer at least one recital opportunity per school year.

  • I do my absolute best to be on time for lessons in your home, but please allow for a 10-minute grace period.

Student Responsibilities:

  • Practice! Ideally students will practice at least 5 days of the week. If practice is difficult, begin with just 1 or 2 days per week, and slowly build up to 5-7.

  • For younger students, parental involvement is crucial. Parents must provide practice support and encouragement!

  • Keep me informed of your lesson goals and practice progress. Allow me to work with you to construct the most successful outcome possible for the student. This might mean choosing a set amount of practice time or materials, initiating a practice incentive or practice chart, fostering a positive practice environment, creating a practice routine or ritual, etc.

  • Parents must provide the instrument (88 weighted keys) and instrument accessories (pedal, suitable bench, footstool, sheet music/lesson books, and supplementary workbooks).


  • Monthly tuition is based on 34 lessons across September 6th, 2021 - May 27th, 2022

  • These 34 weeks account for no scheduled lessons during November 22nd-27th, December 20th-January 2nd, and March 21st-26th. These dates are chosen from the BVSD calendar.

  • Monthly tuition remains the same September-May, whether there are 3, 4, or 5 weeks of lessons in the month.

    • Lessons In Your Home:​

      • 30 minute weekly lessons: $155/month​

      • 45 minute weekly lessons: $215/month

      • 60 minute weekly lessons: $255/month

    • Online Lessons:

      • 30 minute weekly lessons: $150/month​

      • 45 minute weekly lessons: $210/month

      • 60 minute weekly lessons: $250/month

    • A-la-Carte Lessons (adults only)

      • 30 minute lessons: $40​/lesson

      • 45 minute lessons: $52/lesson

      • 60 minute lessons: $65/lesson

  • There are no sibling discounts, as each student receives individual attention, preparation, and materials.

Monthly tuition is due on the 15th of the month for the upcoming month. Ex. – Tuition for the month of October is due on September 15th.


  • Tuition is accepted via Check, Cash, Venmo, Zelle, or CashApp. - Check/Cash preferred!


  • Option to pay tuition by the semester (September-December, January-May) with check.


  • Tuition covers teaching time during your specific time-slot, as well as a wide variety of additional expenses, including but not limited to: Individualized lesson preparation, travel time, gas, insurance, recitals, continuing education, website, marketing, media, etc. 

  • Tuition does not include books, sheet music, instrument, or instrument accessories.


  • Tuition reserves your scheduled time-slot, and students are expected to uphold this time-slot. This time-slot is viewed as ongoing until the end of the academic year. Tuition does not reserve any amount of time other than your scheduled time.


  • If a student misses/cancels their scheduled time slot:

    • A virtual lesson can take place, ideally at your normal scheduled time

    • A recorded or written lesson can be provided

    • A swap with another student can possibly be arranged. I will do my best to arrange a make-up, but it is not at all guaranteed, and there are no tuition refunds.


  • If the Teacher is unable to provide either an in-person or virtual lesson during your scheduled time-slot, a make-up will be arranged.

  • If a student is sick, PLEASE request a virtual lesson. I am in and out of so many homes per week, and would absolutely hate to spread germs across so many families.

  • If it is unsafe to travel due to inclement weather, a virtual lesson may be scheduled in lieu of an in-person lesson.

  • Any type of hiatus - permanent or temporary - from lessons requires 2 weeks paid notice, as I cannot immediately resell a time-slot.


  • If Students or family members are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 or have come in contact with anyone exhibiting symptoms, please schedule an online lesson.

  • Students and families agree to follow safety precautions, which can include hand washing, sanitizing the piano, wearing masks, no shared materials, and maintaining distance.

  • As regulations and infections fluctuate, ThePurplePiano reserves the right to transition to a 100% online model.


Photo Release:

  • During lessons and performances, the Teacher reserves the right to take video recordings or photographs of the Student for use in lesson demonstration or advertising materials

  • If you would prefer to opt out of the Photo Release, please sign here: ­­__________________________



  • This policy may be amended as needed. Notifications of amendments will be distributed via email or printed copy.


In Short:​

Honor your scheduled time-slot

Pay upcoming tuition on 15th of the month

Make-ups are not guaranteed

2 weeks paid notice required for any hiatus from lessons

Make awesome music!



I have read, understood, and agreed to the terms of the policy.