Outdoor Kids Yoga is Back!

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Kids Yoga At Home

Children's Yoga is a wonderful addition to any at-home learning curriculum. It builds physical fitness, emotional intelligence, motor skills, bodily awareness, self-regulation, focus, balance, strength, resiliency, posture, coordination, and inner peace. Classes provide mindfulness, movement, music, art, games, music, breathing, and literature.

Yoga classes can be fit into at-home learning curriculum through pre-filmed online videos, live online classes, or in-person private/semi-private classes. Backyard yoga is a great way to bring together families/friends while still maintaining distance.


For more information/inquiries, please contact Haley through the Contact form or email haley@thepurplepiano.com

While the weather is still warm, yoga classes can be offered in-person outdoors and distanced. Masks will be required before and after class, but can removed once you are setup on your mat. See the Schedule for a list of local offerings.

Kids Yoga Online Video Series

Join me online for kids yoga classes! Aimed at ages 2-7, classes include dramatic play, mindfulness, movement, music, and meditation. The videos teach how to take yoga off the mat, and into your heart/daily life. Wrapped in child-friendly themes, the videos teach children to dominate over their inner kingdom (aka bodily/emotional regulation).  With each class, I send out supplemental activities such as breathing exercises, mindfulness tasks, crafts, and more. The classes are pre-filmed, so you can practice on your own time and without distractions. 

If you would like to receive access to the video series, please send me a message or email haley@thepurplepiano.com. I simply require an email address to send content to and a payment through Venmo/Zelle. 

Series 1: ($35)

1. Springtime Yoga

2. Pet Yoga

3. Earth Day Yoga

4. Pajama Yoga

Series 2: ($35)

1. Yamas (What Not To Do In Life)/Pirate Yoga

2. Niyamas (What To Do In Life)/Warrior Yoga

3. Asana (Postures) In Everyday Life

4. Pranayama (Breath Regulation) In Everyday Life

May the whole world be filled with peace and joy, love and light, and lots of peaceful children

Haley teaches yoga in many local preschools, daycares, recreation/community centers, and camps. She teaches in the style of Kidding Around Yoga (KAY), which uses themes, fun, games, music, crafts, and play to teach children meditation, mindfulness, yoga, and kindness. It gets kids to be active while also teaching them to manage the spectrum of emotions they experience throughout the day. Yoga provides them with life-lasting tools to combat stress and anxiety and promotes social emotional learning.

KAY is perfect for birthday parties, play-groups, family classes, mommy & me, seniors, tweens, and preschoolers.

Contact Haley for more information or to setup a class of your own, and check the Schedule for locally offered classes. 

Click here to read more about KAY and the awesome benefits it brings to children.

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