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About The purple piano

ThePurplePiano offers piano lessons to students of all ages and abilities in their homes throughout the Boulder County area, as well as in a Louisville studio.

Haley and Dan each have many years of teaching experience and have taught hundreds of students. 


They use a holistic curriculum that addresses the mental and physical aspects of theory, fundamentals, and technique. They create a safe learning space and work to meet the individual needs of every student.

Haley founded ThePurplePiano in 2018, and it has since flourished in to a successful piano studio and well-known kids yoga program. Haley teaches over 50 piano students each week from her home in Louisville, along with kids yoga classes at the Louisville Rec Center. Fellow teacher, Dan, has recently joined ThePurplePiano team to offer piano lessons in homes throughout the Boulder County area. 


During classes, students cultivate a strong mind-body connection that can also be applied to other contexts. Dramatic play, free exploration, and learning the student's topic of choice are some of the elements used to contribute to a learning environment where students can freely learn, grow, and create.


Literature, games, crafts, mindfulness activities, and a sense of humor are also regularly incorporated. Haley enjoys using the Wunderkeys Piano Method, as it is engaging, new, and grows with the learner. 

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